Matrix Steel Electrode

  • Matrix Steel Electrode


  • Matrix 7016 - Smooth running, basic low hydrogen electrode developed for all positional (except vertical down) welding using AC/DC power.
  • Matrix 7018 - Smooth running, basic iron powder, low hydrogen electrode offering outstanding performance in all positions (except vertical down) welding using AC/DC power.
  • Matrix 7024 - High iron powder, rutile type electrode designed for the fast down welding of mild steel using AC/DC power.
  • Matrix 9016 - This is an extra low hydrogen type electrode for all position welding. It can be applied in shielded metal arc welding.
  • Matrix 9018 - An iron powder low hydrogen electrode which provides good quality weld deposits. Weld-able in all positions.
  • Matrix 11018 - Basic coated hydrogen electrode designed for welding low alloy high tensile steel in all position (except vertical down). Its characterized by last efficient metal transfer depositing weld metal with very good low temperature impact value and high x-ray quality.
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