Matrix Stainless Steel Electrode

  • Matrix Stainless Steel Electrode


  • Matrix 308L - High grade, extra-low carbon Cr-Ni stainless steel electrode. Maximum corrosion even though used in as welded condition.
  • Matrix 316L - High grade, extra-low carbon Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel electrode. Ideal as protective overlay. Hot crack resistance and corrosion against diluted sulfuric acid.
  • Matrix 309L - High grade, Lime-titania type stainless steel electrode. As the weld metals contain larger quantity of ferrite in austenitic structure.
  • Matrix 310 - Heat resistant and corrosion resistant alloy for all grades of stainless steel. Fully austenitic micro structure.
  • Matrix 312 - For welding of 29%Cr 9%Ni cast steel of dissimilar metal such as carbon steel or low alloy steel to austenitic stainless steel.
  • Matrix 317L - A titania coated high alloy electrode applicable to both AC/DC welding. Arc stability smooth, low spattering with self releasing slag.
  • Matrix 347 - A lime titania coated electrode for welding niobium(Nb) or titanium(Ti) stabilized 19%Cr, 10%Ni type stainless steel, AISI 321 and 347.
  • Matrix Duplex - A rutile coated electrode which deposits a 24%Cr, 10%Ni, 3%Mo, 0.15%N, austenitic-ferritic weld metal. The electrode produces a smooth weld bead, very little spatter and easy slag removal.
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