Matrix Dissimilar Steels & Multi Purpose Electrode

  • Matrix Dissimilar Steels & Multi Purpose Electrode


  • Matrix Magnum 1 - An ultimate maintenance electrode with special line titania coating for welding and surfacing of steels and dissimilar steels which required maximum strength and ductility.
  • Matrix Magnum 2 - A titania coated electrode depositing a 29%Cr , 11%Ni austenitic-ferritic weld depostis. The fine crystalline (porosity free) weld metal able to withstand hot cracking and ensure high mechanical strength.
  • Matrix Magnum 3 - A fully austenituc rutile coated electrode suitable for welding and joining of unalloyed, alloyed and dissimilar steels. 
  • Matrix Magnum 4 - Specially formulated lime titania coated electrode with high tensile strength and toughness in combination suitable for welding low alloys steels to austenitic stainless steel, manganese steel, cast steel, heat resistant steel, tool steel and other dissimilar steels.
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