BÖHLER Union S2 Si // UV 421 TT

  • BÖHLER Union S2 Si // UV 421 TT


Union S2 Si wire is generally used in structural steel welding, in offshore industry and for carbon steels with leak limit above 420Mpa. UV flux 421 TT is principally constituted of 16% SiO2+TiO2; 34% CaO+MgO; 21% Al2O3+MnO and 26%CaF2, being classified with cluttered flux type basic fluorite with high basicity (3,3%Mol and 2,5% weight) and neutral metallurgical behavior. It possess grain size between 0,3 e 2,0mm. We recommend a 300 – 350ºC redrying before use. Excellent slag detach, even in close bettrels. It can be especially used in multipass welding of high and medium mechanical resistance steels. At low temperatures great tenacity values are obtained from welded metal.